Historical Market Data

Nord Pool’s New Data Portal 

As part of our on-going plans to modernise how we present key market data at nordpoolgroup.com, Nord Pool has launched a new member-only login area (Data Portal) on the Nord Pool website. This is a first step in improving the way we make key market information available to our customers.
What data will be available via the Data Portal?

The Data Portal will enable members to access all of the data currently available on the Nord Pool website (see https://www.nordpoolgroup.com/services/power-market-data-services/data-portal/ for overview of full content list). We plan to start limiting the amount of data available publicly outside the login area. We therefore encourage you to login in to the new Data Portal at the earliest opportunity and start using it as your main source of data, to avoid any future access issues.

Accessing the Data Portal **Register Now**

Current trading members

All current members who have a single sign on account (SSO) for one of Nord Pool’s systems (intraday, auction, CASS, etc) will automatically be provided access to the Data Portal from launch date. Any of your colleagues who may not have an SSO account, but who require access to the data portal, can request it here: (https://www.nordpoolgroup.com/services/power-market-data-services/registration-form/).

Not a trading member?

If you are not currently a trading customer with Nord Pool but have an interest in our Data portal, please request an access here: (https://www.nordpoolgroup.com/services/power-market-data-services/registration-form2/)

To enter the Data Portal simply go to the top right of the nordpoolgroup.com home page and click the ‘Login’ button.