Nord Pool Certified Compliance Course - REMIT, Transparency Regulation and the UMM Platform

23 September 2021 CET 9:00 – 16:00

For Nord Pool’s Certified Compliance Course on Thursday 23 September, our highly experienced Nord Pool Market Surveillance team will provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of regulation in the European physical power market.

The course will also cover the many compliance features Nord Pool offers, including the UMM platform for publication of inside information and our system reporting orders and transactions to ACER. 

One week before the live-streamed presentations, all participants will gain access to online material covering important aspects of the regulation of the European power market. This material also includes a test of knowledge which must be completed one week after the live presentation. Pass the test and you will receive a digital diploma proving your successful completion of the Nord Pool Certified Compliance Course. 

The course is held online and managed by Nord Pool’s in-house experts in close cooperation with the team at Nord Pool Consulting. Subjects covered include:

  • Explaining REMIT and Transparency Regulation, with relevant case law
  • Presentation of REMIT Best Practice Report – a sector review on REMIT best practice compliance measures
  • Nord Pool’s Transaction Service, including reporting to ACER
  • Presentation of Nord Pool’s proven REMIT UMM service
  • Live training on how to ensure compliance with regulation using the Nord Pool REMIT UMM Platform
  • Explaining the European market monitoring framework  
  • Q&A session: Your questions answered (can be submitted in advance, to Nord Pool Academy anonymously or for all to read in the chat)
  • Interactive sessions to revise key topics
  • Online training material, including knowledge test
  • Digital diploma shared on social media (provided the online knowledge test is passed!)

For potential Norwegian participants, we will also cover NEM (“Forskrift om nettregulering og energimarkedet”) and our cooperation with NVE.

Your questions answered: 

Prior to the course you can anonymously share specific questions you might have on how to ensure compliance with regulation. These will be answered by our experts during in the live presentations .  

You are also encouraged to ask questions throughout the webinar via the chat that will be available during streaming.

Who should join? 

This course will be of great value to anybody who is trading wholesale electricity contracts, or whose work is otherwise connected to the wholesale electricity market and anybody working towards fulfilling requirements under applicable law: 

  • Traders
  • Managers
  • Compliance officers and staff
  • System providers (e.g. trade support systems or developing algorithmic trading solutions) 
  • Transmission System Operators  
  • National Regulatory Authorities  
  • Power exchanges using Nord Pool as a service and system provider 
  • Anybody who wants to understand the finer details of the common European power market


All presentations and slides will be in English. Questions can be asked in English, any Scandinavian language, or Russian.


  • Live streamed webinar – Thursday 23 September 2021 from CET 9:00- 16:00
  • Live chat available to ask questions that will be read out to presenters. Any questions sent before the presentations will be anonymised and answered during the event
  • Online course material will be made available prior to the live presentations
  • Online test of knowledge must be completed one week after the presentations

Presenters and coordinator 

  • Ekaterina Moiseeva, Market Surveillance Analyst, Nord Pool
  • Jon Rokne Bolkesjø, Market Surveillance Analyst, Nord Pool 
  • Haakon Reiersen Leknes, Senior Consultant, Nord Pool Consulting  


  • Fee includes presentations, a copy of all slides, access to online material and knowledge test, and when the test  passed a digital diploma
  • 50% discount for Nord Pool members (pay just EUR 500 per person).  
  • Non-members - EUR 1000 per person.  
  • Additional 10% discount for three or more attendees from the same organisation, provided we can send only one invoice. 


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