Power Data Services

Full and convenient access to our power market data - ready for seamless integration.

Easy-to-integrate Power Market Data

Access and integrate Nord Pool’s Power Market Data for the Nordics, Baltics, CWE and the UK dating back to 1992.

Convenient data delivery mechanisms

Access up-to-date data in a convenient format over FTP or integrate with our API.

Single license, all needs

One company-wide license for all needs: integration, back-office, analysis, and more.

Quality data from a trusted source

Data you can rely on: clean, consistent data structures, proactive quality management.

Multiple ways to integrate. Developer-friendly.

Purpose built for integration using a secure JSON API, or pulling CSV downloads from via SFTP. Integrate with BI systems, apps, ERP and ETRM, ML modules or other platforms with the help of clear documentation.

The general terms and conditions for all our data products can be found here.

Markets & Pricing

See the available areas, market data and pricing. The price includes access to API and SFTP.

Special terms apply for trading members.

Nordics & Baltics

✓ Day-ahead market*

✓ Regulating market

✓ Operating data

✓ 1 API account*

*€200/year per additional API account


Central & Western Europe

✓ Day-ahead market

✓ 1 API account*

*€200/year per additional API account


United Kingdom

✓ Day-ahead market

✓ Auction market

✓ 1 API account*

*€200/year per additional API account


                                         Our products have always been real time.

Redistribution license options

Do you need to show or redistribute our data through your product?
Understand your options here:

No redistribution license

If you plan to use Nord Pool data for internal purposes only.


Basic redistribution license

If you’re building a product that showcases our data in a closed-off scenarios (i.e. consumer portal, an app, or internal use).

You cannot publish the data on a publicly available service allowing extraction or downloads, or redistribute it to third parties.


Full redistribution license

If you’re using data for media, resale, or public purposes. This is the most flexible license.

Be supported throughout your integration

Ensure smoother integration by having access to Nord Pool's vast industry knowledge-base.
Over 20 years of industry expertise at your fingertips. Access the Nord Pool academy.

Our services are built with security in mind.