Special deal now available

A special offer is now available on our day-ahead Nordics and Baltics market data products

30% Off Nordics and Baltics Day-ahead Market Data

Get a 30% discount when you subscribe to our day-ahead market data products for Nordics and Baltics for 2022. Plus - you will also get a free access to these products for the rest of this year.

This offer is valid for both regional- and country-based subscriptions. Countries included in Nordics and Baltics day-ahead data products are: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

Discount prices for 2022 are:

Day-ahead market data country subscription - 630 Euros/ Country/ Year.

Day-Ahead market data regional subscription - 2450 Euros / Region/ Year.

Subscriptions must be taken out by 31.12.2022.

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