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Nord Pool runs the leading power market in Europe, celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2023! We offer day-ahead and intraday markets to our customers.

Electricity retailers license

Nord Pool is introducing a new re-distribution license category targeted specifically at retailers, allowing them to deliver exactly what their customers want via API.


✓ Downloads are allowed

✓ All history available

✓ Top notch security

✓ Cost effective

Price Development

Day-ahead prices confirmed
Preliminary prices in blue
Preliminary prices in blue

Webinar: The benefits of granular renewable energy certificates

Monday 4th September

Our very own Business and Strategy Developer Giulia Gamberi is joined by Stephen Woodhouse from Afry Management Consulting and Toby Ferenczi from Granular Energy, to discuss the benefits of Granular renewable energy certificates and their integration into existing power market design.

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Announcing 2022 Trading Figures

Nord Pool has announced trading figures for 2022, with the year revealing solid growth across our markets.

During 2022 a total of 1077 TWh of power was traded through Nord Pool. The Nordic and Baltic day-ahead market traded 696.34 TWh and the UK day-ahead market 232 TWh, while Nord Pool’s western and central Europe day-ahead market achieved 111.1 TWh of power traded by year end. Total intraday trading for the year stood at 37.7 TWh.

Tom Darell, CEO at Nord Pool, said: “In 2022 we witnessed unprecedented market volatility including record high prices, which put the operation of a transparent and efficient power market under intense pressure. Against such a backdrop it has been good to see Nord Pool continuing to record strong and steady annual trading figures. Customers across Europe continue to place a great deal of trust in Nord Pool delivering simple, efficient and secure power trading.” 

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Market Surveillance Newsletter

The latest newsletter from Nord Pool's dedicated team of Market Surveillance experts examines the potential impact around regulatory compliance of demand bidding and demand flexibility. 

A lack of understanding could lead market participants to commit a breach of REMIT, so our Market Surveillance team looks at what demand flexibility is and why it is important and then considers interpretation of REMIT around demand. Plus there are some suggested actions to take to make sure orders and transactions genuinely reflect the available demand flexibility. 

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Learning to Share

It is Nord Pool’s long-held belief that shared order books, in both intraday and day-ahead timeframes, are essential to enable full and fair competition between power exchanges in Europe. In our view, the sharing of order books should be mandatory whenever technically possible. 

The recent EC proposals on power market reform, combined with commentary from other power exchanges, have pushed shared order books back in the spotlight.