Nord Pool is launching a New Data Portal

New navigation, more reports and historical data available, better perfomance, new map and more

We are excited to launch our new Data Portal on 6 February and we look forward to working closely with our customers to continue to create the best energy market data portal possible.

New Features in the Nord Pool Data Portal 

Following policies implemented by the European Commission to transition to more sustainable sources, the European Energy market has been evolving, improving and getting bigger every year. As part of Nord Pool’s on-going commitment to providing the best possible services to the energy market, we are swiftly adapting to these changes and improving our systems and services. Here are some of the changes you will see with the new data portal.

New Navigation Menu 

The new, modern navigation menu is designed to help you find market data intuitively and easily. The main changes are:

  • Nord Pool Day-Ahead Auction has been moved to a new group, named “Auctions”, in order to accommodate new and upcoming intraday auctions.
  • We have also grouped all UK (N2EX) Auctions, both day-ahead and intraday.
  • Regulating Power Data pages are now consolidated under one Balance Market Report, to help you analyze the Regulating Power Market at a glance.
  • New time zone selector on our navigation, which affects the times in reports.
  • For market members it is now easier to access the Data Portal through the Application Menu in the top left corner of the screen.

New Nord Pool Map

We have updated our map to better reflect the geography of continental Europe. We have also introduced an intraday market overview with the Intraday Volume Weighted Average Prices in different resolution intervals where applicable.

More reports and historical data

Nord Pool's new Data Portal offers more comprehensive and in-depth reports with much more historical data than before.

Here are some of the details we have added to reports:

  • Added data visualizations to Day-Ahead, Intraday, Balance Market and the majority of Power System Data reports. These charts will help you understand market conditions at a glance.
  • Improved Day-Ahead Flow Reports with Net Exchange calculation.
  • Day-Ahead Block Prices now has Average, Min and Max values.
  • Exchange rates on the day available in the reports when you select DKK, SEK or NOK currencies.
  • Added Open and Close prices on intraday.
  • Power System Production report now shows Fuel Types.
  • Production Forecast now presents a comparison of Solar and Windpower.
  • Exchange report makes it easier to understand the net import/export of each bidding zone.

Examples of data visualizations added to reports in our new Data Portal:

Day-Ahead Prices


Day-Ahead Volumes


Intraday Prices


Power System Production


Balance Market


Better Performance 

Providing more data means higher processing power. So we have improved our data infrastructure to have better and more consistent response times and performance, even under heavy loads. You will notice this improvement especially in the speed at which we are able to publish data after the day-ahead auction is run. Furthermore, there are some quality-of-life improvements such as longer login sessions (up to seven days) so that frequent visitors will have more convenient access to data and better Excel formatting when exporting.

Important information for users:

  • If you have bookmarked our existing market data pages, we advise you to replace them with the new ones in January, old links will be deactivated after the launch. The new Data Portal will be accesible by clicking on Market Data on the top navigation menu of our website.

  • Share your feedback with us no matter how small

Data Portal Access

For existing Data Portal Customers: to access the new data portal LogIn area, please follow these easy steps:

If you are not a Data Portal customer, you can subscribe by following the instructions on this page:

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