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Nord Pool runs the leading power market in Europe, offering day-ahead and intraday markets to our customers.

Electricity retailers license

Nord Pool is introducing a new re-distribution license category targeted specifically at retailers, allowing them to deliver exactly what their customers want via API.


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All history available
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Price Development

Day-ahead prices confirmed
Preliminary prices in blue
Preliminary prices in blue

Max Price Stays at €4000

Nord Pool has been active in seeking guidance on whether there was a need to freeze the proposed increase of the Single Day-Ahead Coupling maximum price and on how the Harmonised Maximum and Minimum Clearing Price methodology should be used in these challenging times.

The planned maximum price increase from 4000€ to 5000€ will not now take place.


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2021 Trading Figures

Nord Pool has announced trading figures for 2021, with the year producing steady numbers across our markets, with a total of 963 TWh of power traded through Nord Pool.

In yet another challenging year for both the energy sector, and the wider world - including some unprecedented market volatility -  it has been good to record steady annual numbers here at Nord Pool. This illustrates that our many customers across Europe, irrespective of their size or where they trade from, continue to invest great trust in Nord Pool to deliver simple, efficient and secure power trading.

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CACM Report Seminar

The 2021 CACM annual report is being presented in a specially organised seminar/webinar on Wednesday 28th September. Power exchanges will be sharing experiences of Core Flow-based and there will be guest speakers from ACER.

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Answering the Energy Crisis

2022 has seen a great deal of speculation and debate among energy sector stakeholders and in the media about high electricity prices, their causes and the background to the energy crisis.

Nord Pool operates the power market across 16 European countries, making us very well placed to constructively contribute to the discussion around energy markets, price formation and the underlying causes of the current crisis.