The Physical and Financial Power Markets 15 & 16 June 2022

Join us online from Oslo for an introduction to Europe’s leading short- and long-term power markets. This is also a good refresher, covering all recent and relevant changes to the energy markets and potential future developments.    

“The Physical and Financial Power Markets” sees experts from Nord Pool, Statnett, AFRY, World Kinect Energy Services, Nord Pool Consulting and Montel, providing valuable insights and answers to your questions. There will, as always, also be a guest presenter speaking on a hot topic. 

Held in English, the course will unravel the complexity of the power market, whether you are a trader, investor or working in the back or front office. It will be equally helpful for those with a more general interest in the increasingly important energy sector, such as law makers, energy regulators or students.  

Nord Pool Digital Diploma: Test of knowledge   
One week prior to the live-streamed presentations, all participants will get access to the online material which include acronyms and introductions to some of the basic concepts. Video recordings of previous hot topics are also included. The online material serves as a useful source of information about the finer details in the power markets, and also as an online test of knowledge. Pass the test and you will be rewarded with a Digital Diploma. 

Agenda for the live presentations: 

Day 1: The physical power market 

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Make sure you have logged on to the systems we will use throughout the day. You will find all the details you need in an email from us. 

The Nord Pool power market model 

The basics about the energy market and its importance. 
The development of the world’s first international energy market. 
Haakon Reiersen Leknes, Director, Nord Pool Academy  

The role of the Transmission System Operator (TSO) 

The TSOs’ responsibilities, regulation and reserve markets. 
Hans Bøhle Aarhus, Statnett – Norwegian TSO 

European day-ahead markets - SDAC part 1 

The integration of Europe’s power markets with one algorithm, Euphemia. 

Detailing European day-ahead markets: PCR, MRC, SDAC, system price, bidding areas, price formation, transmission allocation, transparency, market data and much more. 
Hilde Rosenblad, Senior Adviser Public & Regulatory Affairs and previous head of Nord Pool Nordic and Baltic Operation, Nord Pool, Isidora Micic, Senior Market Coupling Advisor, Nord Pool and Kristiane Jørstad, Trading Advisor, Nord Pool 

An open challenge: Competition to guess tomorrow’s Area Price for DK2 (Copenhagen, Denmark) before CET 12:45 using Mentimeter. You can and should ask absolutely anybody for help in guessing, check also today’s price here.  


European day-ahead markets SDAC part 2 

Euphemia: Trading day-ahead across Europe with new products and handling of capacity allocation; ATC (Available Transmission Capacity) and FB (Flow Based). 
Hilde Rosenblad, Senior Adviser Public & Regulatory Affairs and previous head of Nord Pool Nordic and Baltic Operation, Nord Pool, Isidora Micic, Senior Market Coupling Advisor, Nord Pool and Kristiane Jørstad, Trading Advisor, Nord Pool 

Granular certificates  

A new marketplace guaranteeing that the origin of 24/7 carbon-free production will fulfil the 24/7 demand. 

Camilla Vedeler, Business Analyst, Nord Pool  

Coffee break 

European intraday market: the road to XBIDand onwards to SIDC 

Intraday trading close to delivery across Europe is rising due to increased VRE power production and demand response. 
Martin Hergot Festøy, Service owner XBID and Trading Advisor, Nord Pool 

Automated trades in the power market   

With the help of API, there has been a rise of automated trades and it has an impact on the market.    
Oscar Egnell, Technical Account Manager, Nord Pool  

Kahoot ! Fun recap from day 1 
Haakon Reiersen Leknes, Director, Nord Pool Academy 

End of day 1 

Day 2: Financial and regulatory aspects of the power market 

Welcome to Day 2 
Haakon Reiersen Leknes, Director, Nord Pool Academy 

Recent updates from the European energy markets and the global drivers 
Main price drivers, financial market, physical market, TSOs, new technology, politics on a national, regional, European and global level– and the different effects Covid-19 and the Ukrainian war have on the energy markets. 
Richard Sverrisson, Editor in Chief – Europe, Monteland Morten Hegna Manager at Montel 

Market Surveillance at Nord Pool 
Introduction to REMIT, the role of Market Surveillance, national regulators and ACER and inside information versus transparency information. Introduction to Urgent Market Messages (UMM) system. 
Peder Grimstad Helset, Market Surveillance Analyst, Nord Pool and Ieva Linkeviciute, Market Surveillance Analyst, Nord Pool 
Coffee break 

Risk management, clearing and settlement   

The role of the central counterpart, clearing and settlement at Nord Pool. 
Risk management at Nord Pool. 
Robert O'Doherty, Senior Trading Adviser, Nord Pool and Lars Rokkones, Trading Adviser, Nord Pool 

Financial power market: Hedging power prices   

Introduction to the financial market.  
Standardised products including trading of EPAD. 
Clearing and settlement for trades and clearing of OTC trades.  

Sandro Olivieri, Trading adviser, Nord Pool and Charles Lapierre, Key account Manager Central Europe, Nord Pool, previous Trading Adviser at both Nord Pool and NASDAQ  

A more complicated open challenge: The spread between Nordic (SYS) and German power tomorrow AKA The Aas Bet.


Green finance: Voluntary and mandatory markets 

Covering the major green markets and products, ranging from the world’s largest carbon market (EU ETS), guarantees of origin (GOs), renewable energy certificate (RECs), carbon offsets and feed in tariffs.   
Trine Braathen, Business Developer Environmental Markets and Solveig Thoresen, Environmental markets analyst both at World Kinect Energy Services 

Coffee break 

Corporate PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements) 

Introduction to types of PPA, how to set up corporate PPA and the risks involved with PPA. 
Sergiu Maznic, AFRY Management Consulting 

Hot topic: Power Markets in India 

Development of energy markets in the world’s fastest growing economy. 

Jwalith Desu, Jr. Market Manager, Nord Pool 

Previous hot topics: Recordings of some of the previous hot topic presentations are available for you to watch in the online material. Here are some of the topics we have covered: Algorithms, Brexit, CCS, Decarbonization of Europe, Electrification of cities (C40), Flexibility markets, Green products, Hydrogen, Water Values and EU’s 'Fit for 55' package. 

Kahoot and a brief summary of the two days 
Haakon Reiersen Leknes, Director, Nord Pool Academy 

End of course 



We look forward to seeing you online! 

Where and how 
Both days will be available online, streamed live from a venue in Oslo.  A live chat is available, and we will read out loud the questions to the energy experts during the presentations. 

Online material and tests will be available for all confirmed participants and distributed prior to the live streaming takes place. We will also make use of other interactive tools. All information needed to gain access will be given one week prior to course start. Please make sure you have good internet connection when joining the live stream. 

Participation fee is EUR 1800, including all presentations, online material and test. Pass the online test of knowledge and an individual Digital Diploma will be issued. Participants receive contact details of presenters and are free to send them follow-up questions.  

If you choose to attend only one of the two days, the fee is EUR 1000,-

Fee discounts 
25% discount to members in Nord Pool, Statnett, Montel, AFRY, World Kinect Energy Services and guest presenters’ customers/members.  
We reserve a few seats for students. If you are a student, or for some other reason feel you should qualify for a discount, get in touch. 

If there are specific questions on any of the topics covered that you would like answered on the course, but prefer not to ask in person, send them to:

Please free to send any questions you have about the course to: 

We all look forward to meeting you in person: Post Pandemic Power Party 
All who have attended Nord Pool Academy courses online since March 2020, will be invited to an energy event when it is safe to travel and meet in person. The working title is Post Pandemic Power Party. There will be updated presentations, chance to ask presenters questions face to face and opportunities for networking. Of course, relevant activities that our participants normally enjoy at our courses will be provided. 

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